Pet Stains

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Pet Stains

Pet Stains | McHenry Karpet Kleaners - McHenry, IL

Your pets are your family. They lie on the floor at your feet, and cuddle up next you in front of a warm fire. As much as you love them, they are your carpet’s worst enemy! Even the most house-trained animal can have accidents. It is just a part of life. McHenry Karpet Kleaners can show you it is not a part of life that you have to just live with. We offer pet stain removal with all of our carpet cleaning services. We can eliminate any stain or odor that may have been caused by your beloved pet.

There are two parts to removing pet stains. It starts with the stain itself, and then the odor. You may have tried to clean pet stains before, and thought you had it taken care of because the stain was gone and it seemed the odor was, too. However, once any kind of moisture hit the area, you soon realized that the smell was not gone at all.

This happens because of the uric acid that is in pet urine. Uric acid contains salt crystals that are non-soluble, which means they hold on to any surface they come in contact with. When moisture hits these surfaces, the smell will come back, as strong as ever.

We offer a professional cleaning process that removes the uric acid from your carpet, thus eliminating the smell for good.

As soon as you notice any pet stains, it is important to contact us right away for treatment and cleaning. Not doing so can cause the stain to seep into the padding and subfloor, resulting in costly repairs.

You do not have to choose between your pets or clean carpets. You really can have both! If you are in McHenry, IL and find yourself overwhelmed by pet stains, reach out to us for the best pet stain removal service!